Sudden Surge of Selfishness

This is NOT Bitterness

Posted on: July 3, 2010

Okay, maybe a little.

Since I do not have a printer yet, I had no choice but to have my stuff printed at a computer shop in front of my dorm.

This is not just any shop — my (former) roommates and I refer to it as THE jejemon shop. It is a very small room with more or less ten computers, where kids addicted to various computer games spend whatever was left of their day’s allowance. These kids are the sweaty, swearing kind; the ones who never managed to keep themselves clean and always seemed like a snot shy from looking like street children.

But tonight, to my surprise (or rather annoyance), teenage version of these children are playing counter strike at the shop. They threat each other as if what they were doing is a matter of life and death. Some were even basking in the glory of virtual murder. Others were swearing vengeance for the virtual life lost.

Maybe the night was too quiet outside or the space was too small. But nonetheless, every decibel that drummed my ear sent a shot of blood to my brain. I thought my head was going to explode.Then, a rush of memories and formerly brushed off realizations dropped like bombs.

I love my guy friends who play RPGs and other online games. I even joined their dota session once. Love however, is limited to the people themselves. Blame it on my screwed up hormones or my lack of emotional quotient, but I will always hate being in the same room with people playing online games.

I guess the hatred just activates around strangers who spend and bet money for dota or whatever permutations of such existing. This may seem far fetch, but i don’t care — I also hate guys who feel like they will die if they miss the NBA finals on TV. Yeah, even those who play basketball and force their girlfriends to watch. Actually, even those who do not make efforts to have their girlfriends watch a game count.

But like I said, I love my friends. I just can’t last an hour talking with them about the above mentioned things.

Most of all, I swear on my grave, I will never ever be in a relationship with a boy who is addicted to online games and basketball. I’d rather have someone who smokes pot and does not know any sport other than chess.

Yeah, yeah, I know that given the rate of how my life is going regarding relationships, there is no possibility of me being in one even by 2012.  Unless that stupid guy in the Pond’s radio commercial does exist and some stranger will actually look past my horrible face. But that’s an entirely different story.

I just wanted to take note of this, in case life takes me by surprise. (repeat to self: no basketball players and online gamers.)


2 Responses to "This is NOT Bitterness"

Personal vows often serve to bite one’s ass in the future =D

i owe you 500 pesos if i ever get involved with someone who plays dota or basketball, again. 😀

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